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Almond Butter

100% Natural Almond Butter


  • All-natural ingredients
  • High protein
  • No added sugar, salt or oil

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  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Suitable for gluten intolerance sufferers
  • No artificial colourings
  • Organic
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • GM free
  • Halal suitable
  • Kosher suitable

What is LDNM Almond Butter?

Our Almond Butter is made from 100% almonds which are blanched, roasted and then crushed to make our deliciously smooth all-natural almond butter. LDNM Almond Butter contains no added sugars, salts or palm oils, like many other nut butters on the market do. Our almond butter is the perfect healthy snack, packed with protein and healthy fats.

Who should use LDNM Almond Butter?

Regardless of training goals, LDNM Almond butter is a healthy and nutrient-rich snack option. It’s a great energy dense food containing healthy carbs and fats and is high in protein making it an ideal fuel for those intense workouts. It also helps to curb sugar cravings and can prevent you from snacking by keeping you satiated.

How will Almond Butter support my training?

Being naturally high in energy, our Almond butter makes for the perfect workout fuel. It is one of nature’s best natural sources of protein and comes with essential vitamins and minerals to support your goals. Per 100g, LDNM Almond butter offers 269mg of magnesium and 24mg of vitamin E, contributing to protein synthesis, muscle function and reducing fatigue. In addition, vitamin E can protect cells from oxidative stress, which occurs in response to intense workouts. Without protection from antioxidants like vitamin E, performance can sometimes be affected.

How should I use LDNM Almond Butter?

Our Almond butter is great for adding flavor and nutrients to a meal or snack. Enjoy it straight out the tub or add to smoothies, shakes, oats and bakes for a serving of healthy fats and natural protein..

What sizes are available?

LDNM Almond butter comes in a 1kg, resealable plastic tub and is best consumed within 3 months of opening.

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Suggested Use

Eat straight from the tub, spread on your favourite foods, or add to your shakes and smoothies as a healthy, nutrient dense snack.

Once opened consume within three months. As no additives of preservatives are used, some oil separation is norm. Just stir back in.

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