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Sarah Ashcroft Female Multi-Vits [120 Tablets]

Advanced multivitamin formula


  • A comprehensive, premium quality multivitamin
  • Includes an advanced vitamin B complex
  • Contains Royal Jelly to help combat stress & fatique

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  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Suitable for gluten intolerance sufferers
  • No artificial colourings
  • Organic
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • GM free
  • Halal suitable
  • Kosher suitable

What are LDNM Sarah Ashcroft Female Multi-Vitamins?

All your daily vitamin requirements in a quick and convenient form, and the sassy colour of them is a bonus! Our Female Multi-Vit is a comprehensive, premium quality multivitamin. Using industry leading technology we have sourced the finest range of essential vitamins and minerals that can help the body protect itself from fatigue, illness and injury.

Why do I need to take a multivitamin?

Females who are active and partake in a regular exercise routine, will require a significantly higher level of essential vitamins and minerals than the bulk of the population. The Sarah Ashcroft Female Multi-Vit is here to support your increased needs. The super strength, comprehensive multivitamin will give your body the goodness it deserves.

What vitamins and minerals does the Sarah Ashcroft Female Multi-Vit contain?

LDNM Female Multi-Vit includes an advanced vitamin B complex, containing over 100% RDA of all 8 individual B vitamins which work synergistically to increase energy production, enhance immune function and support a healthy heart and brain function. Vitamins A, C and E are super-antioxidants and help to protect the body against free-radicals, which are produced as a result of intense exercise and can cause cell damage.

What makes this ‘female specific’?

The female multivit is formulated differently to the male version in relation to volumes of RDA’s included. This is to account for the different levels of each vitamin or mineral needed by each sex. Unlike the male version, the female multivit contains Royal Jelly and Iron, which are tailored more to women. Royal Jelly assists in combating stress and fatigue, offers a general vitality increase and works as a revitaliser in the body.

How will it benefit my performance?

Vitamins and Mineral supplements do not give short term benefits for your training, you won’t get a ‘pump’ or additional spike in performance from these. They are essential however, when contributing to the general health and wellbeing of muscles and organs. Deficiency of these essential vitamins within the body can in turn have a detrimental effect on performance, in a similar way to dehydration or muscle fatigue. Every time we train we put stress upon the body's immune system, therefore it is vital that the body is supplied with all the nutrients required to protect itself from, fatigue, stress and ultimately illness or injury.

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Typical Nutritional Values

Per Serving *RI) Vitamin D: , 5 μg (100% RDA)

Vitamin E: , 32 mg (267% RDA)

Vitamin K; , 13 μg (170% RDA)

Vitamin C: , 40 mg (50% RDA)

Thiamin: , 6.3 mg (573% RDA)

Riboflavin: , 6.3 mg (450% RDA)

Niacin: , 12.5 mg (78% RDA)

Vitamin B6: , 6.3 mg (450% RDA)

Folic Acid: , 200 μg (100% RDA)

Vitamin B12: , 260 μg (10400% RDA)

Biotin: , 75 μg (150% RDA)

Pantothenic Acid: , 25 mg (417% RDA)

Calcium: , 175 mg (22% RDA)

Iron: , 7 mg (50% RDA)

Zinc : , 7.5 mg (75% RDA)

Copper: , 0.25 mg (25% RDA)

Selenium: , 50 μg (91% RDA)

Chromium: , 48 µg (120% RDA)

Korean Ginseng: , Extract 1 g

Grape Seed Extract: , 312 mg

Royal Jelly: , 38.25 mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid: , 12.75 mg

Citrus Bioflavonoids: , 12.5 mg

Choline: , 12.5 mg

Bromelain: , 6.25 mg

Inosito: , 6.25 mg

Lipase: , 6.25 mg

Papain: , 6.25 mg

Beta Carotene: , 1.5 mg

Co Enzyme Q10: , 1.25 mg

Amylase : , 1.25 mg

Lutein: , 250 µg

RDA= Recommended Daily Allowance

Suggested Use

As a food supplement take 1-2 multivitamin tablets daily with food. We recommend one tablet with breakfast and/or one before bed.

Do not exceed recommended daily use.

Customer reviews (1)

  • Charlotte 12 Feb 2018

    I've been taking one a day for the past few weeks and already noticed an improvement in my skin as well as my energy levels. Nothing drastic but would def recommend!

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