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Protein Bounty Bars

Protein Bounty Bars

The Food Grinder has come up with the goods yet again - Protein Bounty Bars with Almonds! You absolutely have to try these as they’re delicious, have only 5 ingredients and just because, well, they're absolutely epic!




  • Add the whey, flour and almonds to a mixing bowl and stir until evenly distributed
  • Add the milk and stir through until the mixture is an even consistency
  • Shape the mixture into fun sized mars bar pieces
  • Melt the chocolate (microwave or glass bowl suspended above boiling water trick)
  • Pour this evenly over the individual bars
  • Place the bars in the freezer for 60-90 minutes

Calories and macros:

  • Calories: 1,031
  • Protein: 73g
  • Fats: 56g
  • Carbohydrates: 44g

When should I eat this?

These are more of a fun snack than anything, so eat them as and when you wish. Simply factor them into your calories for the day!

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