Free delivery on orders over £50*
Free delivery on orders over £50*

About Us

We’re two sets of brothers from South West London – comprising of the Exton Twins, James and Tom and the Bridger Brothers, Max and Lloyd.

We created LDNM to enable anyone, and everyone to transform both how they look and feel, from a realistic and achievable premise. We know what real life is like, working commitments, social lives, children, relationships and so on – it is with all this in mind that we have meticulously and specifically created our transformation guides and supplement range.

We are, and always have been 100% natural, using only legal, commonly available supplements- strictly no pro-hormones, steroids or performance-enhancing drugs.

We are intent on spreading the natural ethos we all uphold. LDNM aims to open people’s eyes to the dishonesty, false claims and naturally unattainable physiques that are sadly often sold to people with a gimmicky supplement or generic one size fits all plan in this so called ‘fitness industry’.

We have specifically created our LDNM supplement range in line with our ethos. All our supplements are of the highest quality, no fillers, excellent value for money and crucially come with NO false promises, no gimmicks and no negative health implications.

We’re all proud to practice what we preach- we have achieved our physiques using the training methods and dietary advice within our guides alongside our supplements.

Unlike many other companies, LDNM offers unrivalled around the clock advice, support and motivation with NO hidden agendas.